Bringing your plans to us towards the end of the concept design stage and before they are lodged with council, ensures your spaces will be looked at with fresh eyes.  We ensure you are completely confident that they will work for the way you want live and that all spaces are thoughtfully considered, including how they will actually work when finished and furnished.  Our purpose is to add value to the design process, taking what has already been thoughtfully designed and suggesting ideas that will enhance the design, not to disrupt the work completed to date. In short we are always respectful of the work already completed by the architect and see our roles as adding the final layer. A plan review is the last opportunity to make crucial and final decisions that will affect the end result. It is far better to invest the time upfront to get the design 100% right than to be disappointed once it has been built. Our clients find this an extremely valuable exercise.


Design Earth Architects has the expertise to produce all interior CAD drawings in-house, detailing every interior architectural element that falls outside your architect’s scope. This means you will work with one design company for all your interior design requirement, eliminating any chance of design cross over – or worse, decisions falling through the gaps. This also means less time until project completion. You can be confident that you have a lead designer managing all of your interior design requirements with Trinity. By having the vital CAD resource at our fingertips we can detail all interior architectural elements such as kitchen and laundry design, build-in cabinetry, bathroom design and elevations showing architectural detailing and services.For your builder, this means they have all the information they require prior to the work starting. This minimises the last minute or urgent questions on design details that would otherwise come up throughout the course of the project, ensuring the project runs smoothly.


Whether you’re building, renovation or restyling, there are many decisions to be made and, depending on the size of your project, the list of finishes that need to be selected can vary greatly. With so many interior design choices available it can be quite overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We assist with the selection of all your finishes and fittings – interior and exterior colours and finishes, flooring, kitchen and bathroom finishes, plumbing fittings, lighting, hardware, fireplaces and more.We know what’s available, what works and what doesn’t and we won’t overwhelm you with a multitude of options.Because we work on multiple projects at a time , our enthusiastic team of designers are constantly bringing new products into the studio and sharing their ideas. This creates a vast collective creative pool from which all our clients benefit. In addition, our comprehensive library is updated regularly by our suppliers.


whether it’s one room Or a whole house – trust us to select the furnishings, window treatments and accessories you need to create spaces that reflect your style and enhance your home.We will either design and select all the pieces at your request, or incorporate your existing furniture and furnishings seamlessly into a brand – new interior scheme. We have house of creations, manufacturers and suppliers from which to select the right furniture pieces and fabrics, providing you personally and uniquely designed rooms.
We consider each space, your style, your budget and the existing finishes to ensure we create rooms that you’ll love to come home to!


Design Earth Architects philosophy is to work openly and collaboratively with all other parties involved in your project from the outset.  In our experience, this results in a successful outcome every time. As part of our design process we manage a high level of details. We ensure all relevant information is documented, in the form of finishes schedules and meeting minutes, and circulated to all project consultants, keeping everyone informed on the status of the design works throughout the project.  We also liaise with the other consultants to make sure the suggestions we make on specific fittings and finishes will work within the overall design from a construction perspective, not just aesthetically.

BEFORE proposing them to you. We believe the technical aspect is as equally important to the overall success of the project and we have the knowledge and experience to consider these elements.


We have invested heavily is our relationships with suppliers over many years so that you may receive the benefits.  Through this network, we can offer our clients a number of benefits including preferential rates and advantageous discounts on products – all negotiated on your behalf. If required we can also handle all aspects of procurement and ensure timely delivery of services.One of the first questions we ask you is your timeline for renovation or building project, as the timeline for specific works will determine the selection of fittings and finishes due to supplier leadtimes. Once we know this we then work backwards to ensure we select products to allow you a reasonable time to review and consider, confirm and finally, order.We know you are busy, so as an added service we manage the ordering for you and coordinator the delivery of all products to site directly with you builder and in line with the building program. This reduces a considerable amount of time and stress of our clients.Likewise, for furnishing requirements, we manage all orders, co-ordinate the delivery of all products and stage your home for your arrival – all you need to do is close the door behind you and start living.